Genius 20

GENIUS-20-Trust, Transprancy, commitment

Whatever we think, We say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you, what we actully are.

TechNITi is a platform to innovate, an opportunity for students from all over the country from a diversity of field to unite and celebrate our various identities , now conjoined as one.


Genius-20 is a collective program by TechNITi that will quench not only your thirst of knowledge but an opportunity to groom further also. It’s a scholarship test to help you with your dreams.


Full Fee of the top 20 students selected through test would be paid by us for the next year or 18000 whatever is higher.

Top 100 students will be awarded with official merchandise of techNITi.

Participation in Guest lectures.

Registration Fee 299

Guest Lecture

1. Dr Shailendra Singh Bhadauria (Professor NIT Jalandhar)

2. Deepanjali Dayal (Aerospace Engineer)

3. Gaurav Gopal Gupta (Data Scientist)

4. Harshit Jain (IIM Calcutta , Placement Coordinator)

5. Shiv Kumar Prajapati (Musician)

6. Arsh Goyal (Linkedin creator, career Coach)

7. Ramesh jangid (Founder Direction Educare)

8. Sandeep Shukla (Hindi Poet)

9. Hritik raj (Founder and Nest)

10. Aarushi Singla (Founder

11. Buddhiman Dang (Vlogger)

12. Jalam Rathore (Traveller)

13. Kunal Khandelval (Founder

14. Kumar Shivam (Founder Cooledge)

15. Kushagra Srivastva(Podcaster)

16. Kannath Godara (Theatre Artist)

17. Sudhanshu Sachan (Crypto Currency Expert)