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SQL Table Renaming: A Guide

Introductiuon In SQL, Creating and inserting data is important but maintaining databases are also important. Sometimes user are not happy with the current name of the table and wants to rename them according to needs. CAUTION : Before committing to any change, user should double check that renaming the table will not make or break …

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SQL LIKE Operator in Queries

SQL LIKE SQL LIKE operators are used in conjunction with WHERE clause to find patterns in the strings. Two wild card characters are used with LIKE operators-‘%’ is used to represent  zero, one, or multiple character‘_’ is used when you want to represent only one character Syntax: WHERE Clause in above statement will match with …

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How To Learn SQL FAST -2023

SQL is now one of the most sought-after skill by many IT companies. As the amount of Data generated by the rapidly increasing population of the earth increases, we need more and more people who are proficient in accessing, handling, and managing data. Here is how you can learn SQL fast and easy. Below is …

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What are SQL joins? SQL GROUP BY is used to group rows with similar values for aggregate functions. Without GROUP BY user cannot use aggregate functions. Syntax: Now lets use GROUP BY with HAVING Thanks For Reading! SOURCE : READ MORE:SQL BASICSSQL WINDOW FUNCTIONSSQL ORDER BY