Power BI Matrix Vs Table-Differences

Introduction The Table and Matrix visualizations in Power BI appear similar, both presenting data in a tabular format reminiscent of Microsoft Excel. However, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between these two visualization types for efficient data display. Difference Between matrix and table in Power BI The fundamental difference lies in the dimensions of data …

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Power BI VS Looker – Best Data Tool?

Introduction Power BI and Looker are each powerful enterprise intelligence tools designed to help organizations analyze and visualize their information. However, they’ve some variations in phrases of capabilities, structure, and pricing. Let’s discover the key distinctions between Power BI and Looker: Ownership: Power BI: Looker: Data Integration and Connectivity: Power BI: Looker: Data Modeling and …

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Power BI Buttons – How To Use?

Introductions Power BI buttons are mainly used for navigation or performing certain actions. Big Power BI reports and dashboards need some mechanism for navigating, clearing slicers, etc. Where you can find Power BI buttons? Go to Insert > Buttons Creating Power BI report Navigator Go to Buttons and then from Navigator select page navigator. It …

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Power BI Edit Interactions- How To Use?

Power BI lets you edit interactions between different visualizations, you can choose which visualization should or should not react(filter) to your interactions with different charts. Example: By default you know power bi filters or affect one visualization when you click on other visualization, this is called interactions. User can edit interactions between different vizs. We …

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Power BI KPIs- Why use them?

What are KPIs in Power BI? KPIs are used by organization to measure and as an indicator for their goals and success.Goals differs for different type of organization and hence measure of success also differs. How To Create KPIs in Power BI? To create KPIs in Power BI, you need three kind of data fields-1) …

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Power BI Group By- How To ?

There are ways you can use Group By in Power BI is by leveraging the use of Power Query. Here is how you can use group by Click Transform Data in Power BI After Clicking transform data, Power Query will open up and you have to select Group Below image shows how group by diablog …

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