Power BI Dashboard VS Reports confusion

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Many power BI learners find themselves confused whenever someone uses the words reports and dashboards. The confusion is started by people who use both terms as a replacement for each other.

In this article we will try to solve this confusion for you. First we will learn what they really are

Power BI Reports

A Power BI report is a collection of visualizations, charts, tables, and other data representations that are organized on one or more pages.

Reports are created for in depth or detailed view. They can contain several pages, drill downs, slicers, etc.

Can create reports both offline and online.

Power BI Dashboards

A Power BI dashboard is a single-page canvas that usually contains a collection of visualizations, images, and data tiles.

Dashboards are designed to provide a high-level overview of key metrics and KPIs.

Can only create dashboard online.


Uses :
Reports are created for analyst while dashboards are created for executives and managers

Depth of analysis:
Reports are in depth while dashboards are for quick glance

Reports are very interactive and dynamic with slicers and drill downs while on the other hand dashboards are just a snapshot view of the whole analytic picture.

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