Power BI Edit Interactions- How To Use?

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Power BI lets you edit interactions between different visualizations, you can choose which visualization should or should not react(filter) to your interactions with different charts.


By default you know power bi filters or affect one visualization when you click on other visualization, this is called interactions. User can edit interactions between different vizs. We use edit interactions to disable filtering so that some visualization show complete picture.

To edit interactions , you need multiple charts in the same tab.

To get the edit interaction option, click any of the chart(viz) and then go to format option on the top and click edit interaction

As soon as you click the on edit interactions, other charts will start showing these options(two icons).
The left icon is for enabling filtering
The Right icon is for disabling filtering

Below image shows that filtering is enabled that is why its not faded like the right side icon

if you disable filtering, it will look like belows picture

Below there are two picture, one in which filtering is disabled and the other one in which it is enabled

Filtering Enabled :

Clicking on North west on the tree map changes the line chart.

Filtering Disabled :

Clicking on North west on the tree map leds to no changes the line chart

If you are still confused, all I can say is try it yourself on Power BI. It is much easier to understand that way

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