Power BI Incremental Refresh- Use

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What is incremental refresh?

Power BI incremental refresh is a feature that allows you to refresh only a subset of your data instead of refreshing the entire dataset.

This can significantly improve the performance of data refreshes, especially when dealing with large datasets.

Incremental refresh is commonly used when working with data sources that contain historical data, and you only need to update the new or modified data since the last refresh.

How To setup incremental refresh?

Open your Power BI Desktop file.

Go to the “Home” tab, and click on “Transform data” to open Power Query Editor.

Select the table for which you want to enable incremental refresh. Use the table that gets data regularly.

In the “Home” tab of Power Query Editor, click on “Manage Parameters” to create two parameters: RangeStart and RangeEnd. These parameters define the range of data to be refreshed.

In the Power Query Editor, filter the date column to only include data within the specified range (RangeStart to RangeEnd).

Save your Power BI Desktop file and publish it to the Power BI Service.

In the Power BI Service, go to the dataset settings and configure the same incremental refresh settings.

So that is how you perform Incremental Refresh

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