Power BI KPIs- Why use them?

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What are KPIs in Power BI?

KPIs are used by organization to measure and as an indicator for their goals and success.
Goals differs for different type of organization and hence measure of success also differs.

How To Create KPIs in Power BI?

To create KPIs in Power BI, you need three kind of data fields-
1) Value – This should be the data field that contains the values you want to evaluate.
2) Trend Axis – This for date fields.
3) Target – This is your goal, it can be a static value or a dynamic value.

For example we are going to use Maven market dataset,

First we will select KPI visual from visualizations

These are options for KPI visual

For Value, we are going to use Total profit measure.
In trend axis, we are going to use Date field.
As For Target, we are going to use the calculated measure known as Last month profit.
To create a Last month profit measure for yourself create a new calculated measure and type this DAX code below-

Last_month_profit = CALCULATE(Transactions_data[Total_profit], DATEADD(Calender[date],-1,MONTH))

All three data fields should be placed in their place like below

This how your KPI will look.
It is green in color because it compared value with previous month and it witnessed 5.56% of growth in profit.

This was a simple example of KPI, practice more yourself to understand in-depth.

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