Power Bi Line Chart- what’s the use?

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What is a line chart?

A line chart in Power Bi is used to display data points connected by line on chart. It is used to visualize trends over time. In a line chart X-axis represents time and Y-axis represents the variable

How to create line chart in Power Bi ?

To create a line chart in power Bi, got to the visualization panel and select first chart fromthe second row. After that , put some date field in X-axis and variable in Y-axis.

After doing the things mentioned above, you will get a chart like below

You can tweak and test with other options and see what happens to the line chart for yourself.

For example if we drop any categorical varible in legend option of the chart, we will get a line chart like this below

you can see that couple of lines in the line chart is missing, it could be that data for those are missing or these stores were opened after the end of Dec 1997

Hope you understand the use of Power Bi line chart

Thanks for Reading!