Power BI Ribbon Chart – Simple Explanation

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What is a ribbon chart?

A Ribbon Chart is a sort of stacked line graph that visualizes the ranking of objects through the years. It is an evolution of the conventional stacked area chart. The Ribbon Chart distinguishes itself by its precise method of highlighting rank changes using ribbons that glide from one time to every other. This is specially beneficial for recognizing tendencies, understanding rank volatility, and reading relative performance over time.

Where you can find ribbon chart in power bi ?

How can I create a ribbon chart in Power BI ?

To create a ribbon chart in power BI, you need three parameters atleast –
1) X-axis : It is used as a date field.
2) Y-axis : It is for calculated measure or metric/quantative measure (for e.g. Total profit, Total orders, etc.
3) Legend :

Example :

Using the Maven market dataset I will create a ribbon chart that shows profit by state over the period of years

Drag and drop date field to X- axis, Total profit metric to Y-axis and state to legends like below

Below is the ribbon chart created by these fields

Insights from the ribbon chart above

  • You can see state Veracruz overtook Guerrero for two quarters in profit ranking and then it came back to its original rank
  • State WA, CA and OR consistently outperformed other for years.
  • etc.

IF you hover mouse pointer on top of the grey area of the chart, it provides you more information about the change in profit and ranking

Hope you understand the use of Power BI Ribbon chart, if not read more

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