What Is Power BI Tooltip?

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Power BI tooltips are used to provide extra information when the user hovers their mouse over different parts of the visualization.


The red box in the image below shows the tooltip. It appears as soon as the user hovers his mouse in parts of the visualization and disappears/changes as soon as the user removes the mouse pointer from it.

The tooltip doesn’t appear in my visualization?

Sometimes tooltips do not appear in the visualization because the option is disabled. To check or enable the option do the following:-

  • Click on the visualization
  • Go to Format your visual > General > Tooltip
  • Enable the tooltip if it is disabled.
  • You can also edit and format your tooltip from there.

How to add more details to your tooltip?

If the user want to add more detail in tooltip of any visualization, go the tooltip drag and drop option in build visual and drag and drop desired fields there.

We dragged three data field (calculated measures) in tooltip box for example

now these data fields will be available in out visualization like below

hope you now understand what power bi tooltips are

Thanks For Reading!

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